Ad Server Comparison

Take a look at this ad server comparison table with prices and major features.

Find out how Adserver.Online compares with other popular ad serving solutions on the market.

Adserver.Online AdButler AdGlare Smart
Ad Server
Epom Uprival
Ad Serving Channels
Desktop, mobile, in-app, CTV Desktop, mobile, in-app, CTV Desktop, mobile, in-app, email Desktop, mobile, in-app Desktop, mobile, in-app, CTV Desktop, mobile, in-app
Pricing Models
CPA, CPC, CPM, CPUC , CPUM CPA, CPC, CPM no data no data CPA, CPC, CPM CPC, CPA, CPM, flat
Optimization Options
CTR, CPA, Weights (auto/manual) no data CTR no data CPA, CTR, eCPM, eCPM weighting (auto/manual) Yes
Real-time analytics. 30+ dimensions, 30+ metrics, 15+ filters, reports sharing, report export, viewability, VAST events Real-time analytics Real-time analytics, 10+ metrics, breakdowns per dimension, viewability, measuring Real-time analytics Day to day analytics. 40+ metrics, 10+ filters, scheduling, intelligent data analysis, 3rd-party analytics. Extra fee for filters Real-time analytics
User Roles
Publishers, advertisers, and managers with configurable permissions Publishers, advertisers Publishers, advertisers Publishers Publishers and advertisers no data
extra fee
- Geo location
- Language
- Demographic
- Device
- IP
- Contextual
- Custom Targeting
for Publishers
for Advertisers
XML/JSON feeds
Rich Media
extra fee
extra fee

extra fee
Anti-Fraud filters
Tech Support
Free Trial Period 14 Days 14 Days 7 Days no data 14 Days 14 Days
Minimal cost per month
includes white-label and targeting fees if applicable
$50 $448 $499 no data $500 $399
Requests included
3 million 1 million 10 million no data 9 million no data
Minimal cost per month per 1 million requests
$16 $448 $50 no data $55 no data

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