Adserver.Online chooses ads for display from the set of ads assigned to a particular zone. And ads prioritisation is a way to influence that process. Here are the options:

  • Weight
  • Rate
  • Top rate

Firstly, we will talk about Weight and Rate options. They are very much alike and both use weighted-random logic. 

Therefore, every campaign/ad has a chance to be displayed. Users are able to adjust the probability of that via the Weight property in their settings. Besides, you can use a campaign's Rate as Weight in case you find it more suitable for your business.

Top Rate method means campaigns/ads with the highest rate will always win the auction. In this case, lower bidding campaigns/ads may not receive any traffic (subject to frequency capping, limits, and traffic volume available).

Top Rate option was implemented for RTB/XML-feed integration in particular. Therefore, we don't recommend to use it on usual zones and ads unless you have a complete understanding of how it works.

How to configure ads prioritisation

In order to select one of the prioritisation types, you should go to zone's form in Advanced section:

Adserver.Online - ads prioritisation

Besides, you can set ads prioritisation manually for each zone. Another way is to set its default value in the Settings menu.