Managing your ads, it is essential to understand how your ad server makes a decision on what ads to display on each particular zone. And there are only two ways in which Adserver.Online manages that. Let's have a look at how it allows assigning ads to zones.

  • manual – user assigns ads to zones manually
  • automatic – adserver makes a decision automatically by matching ad sizes and formats

The ad server panel doesn't have a selector to choose between auto and manual modes. It uses automatic mode when users don't apply zone/ad assignments.

The zone is considered 'free' when it's not linked to any ads manually (displays free ads only). The ad is considered 'free' when it's not linked to any zones manually (displayed on free zones only).

Points to consider while assigning ads to zones:

  • in case users want to assign certain ads to certain zones they need to manually link them via ads menu
  • we recommend using automatic mode to ad networks or agencies. This helps to avoid extra manual work on assigning large amounts of ads and zones to each other
  • we can disable automatic mode upon request if you find it not suitable for your business