Managing your ads, it is essential to understand how the ad server makes a decision on what ads to display on each particular zone. And there are several ways how Adserver.Online manages assigning ads to zones. You can set up an assignment mode in the Settings / Common / Advertiser menu. So let's find out more about the options available.

Automatic mode

In this mode, the ad server makes a decision automatically by matching ad sizes (e.g. 728×90) and formats (e.g. banner).

Things to consider
We recommend that ad networks or agencies use automatic mode. This mode helps to avoid extra manual work linking large amounts of ads/campaigns and zones to each other.

Manual mode

This mode is a simple and precise way to specify placements of your ads.

You should use the "Assign zones" button on the ad menu or the icon in your ads lists. After pressing the button, you will see a list of zones that match (size and format) your ad. You should select the zones you need and press the "Save" button.

Things to consider
You may want to use this mode if strict ad placement control is crucial for your business.

Mixed mode

This mode a combination of automatic and manual modes. You may link some ads/campaigns manually and leave others unassigned. In this case, a special mixed logic will be applied.

The zone is considered 'free' when it's not linked to any ads/campaigns manually. A free zone can display free ads only.

The ad is considered 'free' when it's not linked to any zones manually. The ad server displays free ads on free zones only.

If your ad/campaign is manually assigned to a zone, the ad server will run it on this particular zone and this zone only.

Things to consider
This mode is enabled by default. It is suitable for most users as it allows practicing different approaches in assigning your ads. Besides, it handles free ads and zones automatically so you don't have to worry whether you have linked all of your ads or not.

Campaigns to zones assignment

Additionally to ads to zones assigning, Adserver.Online supports campaigns to zones assigning. It works in both manual and mixed modes.

The main benefit of assigning an entire campaign to one or more zones is that all ads in that campaign will be linked to selected zones. Adserver will use dimensions (e.g. 728×90) and formats (e.g. banner) to automatically match ads and zones. This may save you considerable time.

This logic will be applied to both current ads and those you may add later, after linking your campaign to a zone(s).

You should use the "Assign zones" button on the campaign menu or the icon in the list of your campaigns. After pressing the button, you will see a list of all zones on your account. You can apply a filter by format and/or dimension or use context search in order to find the zones you need. After that, you should select these zones and press the "Save" button.

Please note, we do not recommend using campaigns and ads assignment simultaneously in the same campaign.

Things to consider
This mode may be useful if you usually create many ads for each of your campaigns and assign them to the same zone.

This option is disabled and not available to Adserver.Online users by default. We can activate it upon request.