As part of white-label features, Adserver.Online offers all paid plan users a feature called ads branding. This feature may be extremely useful for those who would like to stand out from other online ad companies. Adserver.Online supports ads branding of banners and in this article, we will explain how to implement it.

What is banner branding?

Banner branding looks like a small icon in the top corner of the banner that may be used by ad networks and agencies to 'mark' their ads as their own. When users hover their mouse cursor over this icon, it expands and some additional information about your company is revealed.

You can check out our demo page to see what it looks like.

Live demo

ads branding -

How to configure ads branding

In order to enable banner branding, you need to fill in some details in Settings/White-label menu.

ads branding -

1. Firstly, choose the positioning of the branding data: upper right or upper left corners.

2. Secondly, add a short phrase you wish others to see when they hover the mouse cursor over the logo.

3. After that, upload an icon somewhere (i.e. your hosting) then put the link to it into "Icon URL" field. This icon will act as your logo. NB: image should be exactly 16×16 px otherwise it won't have an appropriate look.

4. The last field is the URL itself. Clicking on the branding string will redirect users to the URL you want. You may want to use UTM parameters in this field for tracking purposes.