How to customise the appearance of your panel

As part of white-label features, Adserver.Online offers premium (and above) plan users an option to customize the appearance and use the branding of their ad server's panel. This can be achieved through custom CSS styles and may be useful if you're looking to offer a more unique and authentic experience to your own users.

This option allows customizing almost everything related to the panel's appearance: colors, background color and image, font family and size, logos, etc.

To work with custom styles, you must be familiar with CSS3 and HTML5 technologies.

Though we don't have special documentation on our pages' HTML codes, you can use browser developer tools to find the needed selector and override it using the "Custom CSS" option.

Customise the appearance of your panel – example

Imagine you need to change the color of your server name:

1. Firstly, right-click on "Demo Network".

2. Secondly, select "Inspect" in the popup menu.

Customise appearance - Adserver.Online

Please note that this example uses Google Chrome as a browser.

3. After that, at the right side of the debug panel, you will find the needed CSS selector ".logo a"

4. At last, put an overriding style in the Custom CSS field in the Settings/White-label menu

.logo a {
   color: red;

Still confused about how to customise the appearance of your Adserver.Online panel? Follow this link to see a custom CSS example.