Adserver.Online uses domain outgoing emails by default. But if you are a premium user, you can set up your own custom email domain via a third-party email delivery service – Mailgun. This is a nice feature used by ad networks and agencies mostly. Alongside with other white-label features, it allows their online businesses to have a more professional and authentic look. Therefore, we highly recommend this feature to ad networks and agencies using our service.

How to set your custom email domain up

1. Sign up

First of all, you need to open the link and create your Mailgun account. 

2. Activate your account

After signing up, you need to check your inbox folder for a "Please verify your Mailgun account" email. Afterwards, you just need to click on the link and you're done!

3. Add a new domain

3.1 Firstly, you need to open this link Otherwise, you can go to Sending/Domains menu and click an Add New Domain button.

3.2 Secondly, you need to enter your domain name. For example,

4. Verify your domain

Finally, after you complete all the steps listed above, you will need to verify your custom email domain. The verification page opens after you add a new domain, so you just need to follow the instructions. Besides, you can manage your domains from Sending/Domains menu.

After that, your domain should become verified and have a green icon next to it in the domains list.

Custom email domain - Mailgun verified

5. Provide your Mailgun data to Adserver.Online support

In order to configure your custom email domain, we need to receive the following data from you:

  1. your verified domain name (for example,
  2. sender's email (for example, [email protected])
  3. API key

In order to obtain the key, you have to go to Settings/API security menu

Custom emil domain - Mailgun keys

After that, our tech support team will take care of everything, and your custom domain setup will be complete. While this feature is mostly used by ad networks and agencies, every premium user can try and see how it works for them.