Adserver.Online uses the internal domain for outgoing emails by default. But if you are a premium plan user, you can set up your own custom email domain by configuring an external SMTP server. Alongside other white-label features, using a custom email domain will give your online business a more professional and authentic look. Therefore, we highly recommend this feature to ad networks and agencies that use our service.

How to set your custom email domain up

You need to go to the Settings / White label / Custom mailer menu and specify the following options:

  1. Sender email
  2. SMTP server host
  3. SMTP server port
  4. Username for authorizing on the SMTP server, if it's required
  5. Password for authorizing on the SMTP server, if it's required

To check that configuration is correct, you need to press the "Send test message" button. If everything is ok, you will receive a test message to your email (the email under which you currently logged in to the panel). You can enable a custom mailer using a checkbox if you get a message.

Where do I get SMTP server details?

There are plenty of companies that provide SMTP servers. You need to sign up and get your SMTP credentials.

Some SMTP providers are:

Of course, you can use your corporate SMTP server if you have it and any other SMTP servers you have access to.

While ad networks and agencies mostly use this feature, every premium plan user can try and see how it works for them.

Please note this feature is not available to Starter plan users.