Apart from the main panel domain, Adserver.Online uses several other domains for internal purposes (e.g., impression pixel, click tracking, etc.). The good news is that these domains can be customized too.

Feature availability

Customization of internal domains is available to paid plan users starting from our Premium plan (not available on a Trial Premium plan).


Firstly, you should own a spare domain. If you don't, you can buy one. Besides, you have to be able to configure it. You should have access to and know how to use your DNS management panel.

We kindly recommend using a separate top-level domain for this customization.

DNS zones configuration

First, you must update your DNS settings depending on which domain(s) you want to customize.

Customizable domain:

Subdomain Record Type Target Subdomain purpose
track CNAME track.adsrv.net Tracking domain. Used for Direct links, clicks and impressions tracking
srv CNAME srv.adsrv.net Ad server domain. Receives ad requests and responds with ads.
media CNAME media.adsrv.net CDN. Used for static files delivery (e.g. js codes, image, video files)

Second, you need to contact support and ask them to finalize the setup. We will also issue your domain's "Let's Encrypt" certificate.

Configuration example

Let's say your top-level domain is example.com, and you would like to customize our "track" subdomain.

To do that, you need to go to your domain manager and create a new DNS record:

track.example.com CNAME track.adsrv.net

Please note that the subdomain name is essential. You should not use any other subdomains except for those mentioned in the table above.

For example, this record won't work:

mytracker.example.com CNAME track.adsrv.net

Cloudflare Page Rules

When you use Cloudflare, it's recommended to configure Page Rules for your domain as follows:

  1. Goto Rules / Page Rules menu
  2. Create three rules, as shown in the picture below.

RTB seller domain

You may need a specific selling domain if your business is involved in programmatic selling. This domain is for supply chain objects and sellers.json. Learn more in IAB FAQ.

This domain must be a top-level domain of your ad-serving domain. The system automatically determines the RTB seller domain and cannot be customized. For example, if your server domain is srv.example.com, the RTB seller domain will be example.com.