To make your life and the life of your advertisers a lot easier, you may want to get rid of manual payments processing. Luckily, the Adserver.Online platform is flexible enough to support integration with different payment systems and allows you to automate the process of receiving payments from your advertisers.

The whole integration is rather simple and all you need to do is get proper credentials/keys from your payment gateway account and paste them into corresponding fields on your Adserver.Online panel. So in this article, we will explain what steps you need to take to get the proper credentials. All you need to do next is just go to your Adserver.Online panel -> Settings -> Payment gateways and follow the instructions.

Payment systems integration – advanced options

Apart from the integration itself, our platform allows you to use the following settings:

  • Exchange rate – can be used with payment gateways (usually local) that don't support your account currency and follows the rule: GATEWAY CURRENCY AMOUNT = ACCOUNT CURRENCY * EXCHANGE RATE.

For example, IDRAM supports DRAM only and when you have USD as your account currency, you may want IDRAM payments to be credited in USD automatically. In this case, your user will enter an amount in USD when making a payment and will pay you in DRAM according to this formula: USD * exchange rate

  • Processing fee – with this option you can set a % that will be deducted from all incoming payments as a processing fee. Your advertisers will be credited according to the following formula: total sum – processing fee (e.g. with a 5% processing fee, an advertiser will be credited $95 after completing a $100 payment)
  • Notice – a piece of text that your advertisers will see while making a payment. You can use it to notify them of your processing fee, exchange rate or any other payment information you find relevant
  • User access – you can enable or disable specific payment gateways for your advertisers with this option

PayPal integration

If you'd like to integrate PayPal into your panel, the first thing you need is a verified account with PayPal. The rest shouldn't cause any problems if you follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your PayPal developer account at

2. Create a new "Live" REST API App. The app name can be arbitrary.

3. Get Client ID and Secret values.

CoinGate integration

The only thing you need to do to integrate CoinGate into your panel is an Access Token. Please follow these instructions and then send us the token:

MyPos integration

MyPos integration should go smoothly if you follow this documentation:

Firstly, you need to create a new shop. After that, you should get the following values:

  • Wallet number. Values example: 40125162045
  • Store ID. Value example: 161321
  • Private key. Value example:
  • Public certificate. Value example:

Capitalist integration

The first thing you need to do to integrate Capitalist is to create a new shop here Few callback URLs have to be configured during the process. You will find the URL after you create a new payment gateway in our panel.

We will need 2 values in order to set up an integration:

  • Shop ID
  • Secret key

Flutterwave integration

First, you should create an account here After that, you'll be able to get the API keys needed for integration.

Paxum integration

A business Paxum account is required to complete an integration. We will need an email associated with your account and a secret key to set everything up.

Stripe integration

In order to ensure Stripe integration, you should get public and private keys according to this manual:

Please note, these keys should have prefixes "sk_live" and "pk_live"

Square integration

In order to ensure Square integration, you should get an Access Token and a Location ID. You will find the values on the developer panel at

Idram integration

To complete the integration, you should use an account ID and a secret key that you will find in your Idram panel.

WebMoney integration

First, you should have a formal or higher level WM-passport with a verified scan or photo of the ID or Megastock registration.

To set everything up, you will need your WM purse number (e.g. Z337711340345) and a secret key.

You need to generate the secret key by yourself. Be aware, you should not use any of your existing passwords or keys. We would recommend using a service like this to generate a new random key.

How to configure

Go to your merchant panel at:

Click "Change" on the list of the purses

You should adjust a few settings and leave the rest at their default values.

Payment systems integration – conclusion.

Normally, the integration process doesn't take long. If you follow the instructions and use proper keys/credentials, you will add the payment system you want in no time.

If you can't find an option you need in this article, please let us know.