For Developers

Management and Reporting API

Our REST API provides all the necessary methods to manage system components like users, campaigns, ads, sites, and zones.

Statistical reports can also be accessed through the REST API.

REST API documentation

Ad codes API

Our JS ad codes support simple but useful JavaScript API that may help you load ads dynamically, change code behavior, and pass through custom data into an ad-serving engine.

For example, it might be required if your site is built using a "single page application" approach or when you need to configure custom targeting.

JS API documentation

Decisioning API

You can use our OpenRTB endpoints or XML/JSON endpoints when you need to get ads programmatically in real time.

Header Bidding

Our prebid.js adapter is documented here. You can also use the Prebid Mobile SDK and our Prebid Server adapter.

More details about our Prebid support.


We provide developers with Android SDK enabling ad delivery, including rich media banners and interstitials in mobile and tablet applications on Android devices.

For examples, tools, and SDKs, please check out our GitHub repository at