Frequently Asked Questions

Adserver.Online plans are based on requests count. Each time a webpage makes a request for an ad from our servers an ad request is counted. Requests may not always result in impressions due to targeting, frequency capping, etc. Requests count may equal impressions only in the case when you have 100% fill rate (i.e. your all your sites/zones have ads for every user).

In order to be switched to our Premium Plan you just need to pay for it. Please go to our pricing calculator find out how much do you need to pay according to your monthly traffic estimations.

Currently, we accept Paxum ([email protected]), PayPal ([email protected]), and wire transfers (please contact us at [email protected] for details).

Please note: all payments are manually processed so please include your Adserver.Online account information in the message when sending a payment.

We want our users to get a feel of what our Premium is so most users are granted a free trial Premium for a limited period of time. It’s free and it has all Premium features but the overall capacity may be limited (i.e. you won’t be able to exploit hundreds of millions of requests during your trial Premium).

Prebid is a free open source library and community that helps publishers implement Header Bidding on their websites & apps.

Header Bidding (also known as header auctions, parallel bidding, or header bidding) is a technique that involves running SSP & Ad Exchange code directly on page so publishers can receive bids on their inventory that may be unavailable through their primary ad server and exchange.

The returned bids are then passed into the ad server so they can compete with direct demand and the primary ad server’s exchange on a level playing field.

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Here is a short video how to go online quickly.