Frequently Asked Questions

Adserver.Online plans are based on requests count. Each time a webpage makes a request for an ad from our servers an ad request is counted. Requests may not always result in impressions due to targeting, frequency capping, etc. Requests count may equal impressions only in the case when you have 100% fill rate (i.e. your all your sites/zones have ads for every user).

Free plan has basic functionality and is limited to 1M request per month. While Premium allows users to exploit all the features available, including White-label, advanced targeting, in-depth stats, API and more. Premium plans start from $36 and allow as many requests as you pay for.

You can check out our Pricing.

In order to upgrade your plan to Premium you just need to click on "Go Premium" link on your panel and proceed with a payment.

Your account will be upgraded as soon as the payment is processed. Otherwise, you can contact our team at [email protected] and they will guide you through the process.

You can check out your invoices on the panel and click "Pay" button. Payment instructions will follow and you'll be able to choose the payment method that suits you.

We want our users to get a feel of what our Premium is so most users are granted a free trial Premium for a limited period of time. It’s free and it has all Premium features but the overall capacity may be limited (i.e. you won’t be able to exploit hundreds of millions of requests during your trial Premium).

Yes, we do have a free plan that allows up to 1 million requests per month with not all the features unlocked.

Our free plan is available to our users upon request ([email protected]).

Here is a short video how to go online quickly.

Prebid is a free open source library and community that helps publishers implement Header Bidding on their websites & apps.

Header Bidding (also known as header auctions, parallel bidding, or header bidding) is a technique that involves running SSP & Ad Exchange code directly on page so publishers can receive bids on their inventory that may be unavailable through their primary ad server and exchange.

The returned bids are then passed into the ad server so they can compete with direct demand and the primary ad server’s exchange on a level playing field.

More information

Adserver.Online supports server-to-server (s2s) conversions tracking as well as client side (cookie based) tracking. That should be enough for you to track installs, registrations, and other types of actions.

Server-to-server (s2s) tracking

1. You need to append _aso_clk={click} parameter to your Landing URL;

2. {click} placeholder will be replaced with an unique token on redirect. You have to store this token somehow on your side;

3. In case of conversion, you have to send a click token to our API by calling this URL:

You can send a custom amount. To do that you have to append "&amount=AMOUNT" parameter to API URL above.

Client side / Cookie based tracking

1. You need to append _aso_clk={click} parameter to your Landing URL;
2. Insert this code in the landing page:

<script src="//"></script>

3. Insert this code in your "Thank you" page:

<script src="//"></script>

You can send a custom amount. To do that you have to set needed amount as second parameter of _ASO.Cnv.postback function. First parameter has to be null.

<script>_ASO.Cnv.postback(null, AMOUNT);</script>

Example here.