Frequently Asked Questions

Adserver.Online plans are based on requests count. Each time a webpage makes a request for an ad from our servers an ad request is counted.

Requests may not always result in impressions due to targeting, frequency capping, etc. Requests count may equal impressions only in the case when you have 100% fill rate (i.e. your all your sites/zones have ads for every user).

Adserver.Online has very flexible pricing. We charge our users according to the number of ad requests they actually use with the more traffic you have, the less ad requests cost you.

You can check our pricing plans here:

Clicking on 'Pricing calculator' opens a window with details on how the price changes with the ad requests volume.

Let's say you've deposited $400 hoping to hit 50M requests but used only 40M. That means you will be charged 40 * 9 = $360 and your remaining funds will be carried over to the next reference period.

In order to upgrade your plan to Premium you just need to click on "Upgrade plan" link on your panel and proceed with a payment.

Your account will be upgraded as soon as the payment is processed. Otherwise, you can contact our team at [email protected] and they will guide you through the process.

You can check out your invoices on the panel and click "Pay" button. Payment instructions will follow and you'll be able to choose the payment method that suits you.

Taxes may be added to the price depending on the country from which you make a payment (VAT or similar tax is applied in many countries when you pay as an individual. Companies aren't usually charged with such taxes.

We want our users to get a feel of what our Premium is so most users are granted a free trial Premium for a limited period of time. It’s free and it has all Premium features but the overall capacity is limited to 1 million ad requests.

Here is a short video how to go online quickly.

Read this article in our Knowledge base.

We have REST API. Documentation here.