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Choose your plan
from $20 / month
depends on traffic
from $50 / month
depends on traffic
Pro Buyer
from $500 / month
depends on traffic
Ad requests included 1 Million + 3 Million + 50 Million +
Empty RTB/XML requests included - - 150 Million +
CDN traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Ad formats
Ordinary banners
Image, HTML5 & 3rd party codes
HTML5 ZIP banner
Video banner
File and Linear-VAST based
Native ads
TabUnder, TabUp, PopUnder
Background branding
Direct links
Linear, Non-linear, VPAID
VAST 3rd party proxy
Interstitial, Sidebar, Push Down, Slider
Custom ads dimensions
Push Notifications -
In-Page Notifications -
Prebid banner -
Programmatic ads
OpenRTB -
XML feeds -
Prebid.js bidder adapter -
Ads delivery & Targeting
Frequency capping
Advanced targeting
Custom targeting
Based on arbitrary data
Ads delivery throttling
Retargeting / Remarketing -
Lazy ad loading -
Statistics & Reporting
Conversions tracking
Viewability rate tracking
VAST events tracking
Unique clicks & views counting
Stats export
PDF, Excel, CSV, TXT formats
Stats sharing
Advanced reports
Data retention
Applies to main statistics
12 months 18 months 24 months
Custom panel domain
Custom CSS styles
Custom engine domains -
Custom mailer -
Ads branding
Logo on banners
Ads labeling -
Advertiser panel
Publisher panel
Two-factor authentication
Manager accounts -
Javascript API
Callbacks, dynamic ads loading
Other features
Campaigns grouping
Referral program
For publishers
Anti-fraud options -
Dedicated servers - -
Priority support - -
Support plan Basic Standard Priority
Free 14 day trial (1M requests)
Free 14 day trial (1M requests)
Free 14 day trial (1M requests)
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