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Comprehensive product for publishers, advertisers, agencies and networks

For Ad Networks

If you want to build your own ad network you've come to the right place. Scale your advertising strategy from one website to a network of successful publishers and help your advertisers reach their target audience. Adserver.Online helps you start your own ad network of publishers and advertisers in no time.

For Agencies

Adserver.Online provides a platform to manage all your clients’ campaigns from one easy-to-use interface. Set the right targeting, track campaign performance and drive traffic efficiently. Serve your ads on websites, in apps, ad networks or exchanges with Adserver.Online.

For Advertisers

Boost your online business with Adserver.Online. Reach your target audience using various ad formats. Track and analyze all your incomming traffic no matter where it is comming from - websites, in apps, ad networks or exchanges. Traffic tracking and optimizing made simple with Adserver.Online.

For Publishers

Adserver.Online is a powerful tool you can use to control all your advertising campaigns from one single dashboard. Make your website, blog, forum or mobile app a profitable media platform. Fill your pages with dynamic up-to-date interactive ads. Your advertisers will be surprised with possibilities you offer. Adserver.Online makes ad management so easy you start earning more spending less time.

Amazing Features

Adserver.Online is a cloud ad serving and ad management solution. 

We provide a flexible service across a wide range of channels, formats and platforms.

Asynchronous Ad Loading

Even milliseconds matter. Our solution allows your pages to load faster by loading your ads asynchronously (or "separately") from rendering your page's content. It performs great on AJAX loaded content as well.

SSL support

Adserver.Online supports SSL encryption what means secure connection at all times. Besides, it allows publishing ads on secured web sites.

World-Wide CDN

Ad delivery through global CDN allows us to minimize the time it takes to show your ads because your creatives are being shown to users from phisically closest server.

HTML5 and 3rd-party

Adserver.Online works with the most popular and efficient HTML5 banners. 3rd-party codes can be easily used for advertising as well. Demo.

Rich media

Adserver.Online supports a variety of popular advertising formats including Interstitial, Fixed sidebar, Branding background, Footer marqueue. Demo.

Video Ads

We salute your decision to work with video ads. Adserver.Online supports IAB's VAST Video linear Tags. Built-in video ads are also available. Demo.


Time targeting is centred around time and focuses on the idea of fitting in around people's everyday lifestyles. So spend your budgets wisely and show your ads only when you need it.

Geo targeting

Available options include targeting by country, region or city. You may use white-list or black-list to configure your campaigns more precisely.

Device targeting

No need to serve unrelevant ads - target the devices and operating systems you really need.

Carrier targeting

Adserver.Online allows you to target specific mobile operators (carriers) using predefined list or IPs subnet set up manually.

User profile (social) targeting

You may serve your ads according to user profile data such as gender, age group, social class, lifestyle, income level.

Advanced targeting

You feel like using more specific targeting? How about browser language, referrer's substring, user agent's substring and tags in your ad campaign. Adserver.Online supports all of the above.

Multilingual interface

Our backend is available in English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish.

White labeling

Do you want your brand to look more authentic? Our White label solution is here for you! Use your own logo, custom domains and even custom CSS.

User private offices

Have an account with Adserver.Online? Why not having sub-accounts for your publishers and advertisers with all the data on ad campaigns there?








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Pricing Plans

Adserver.Online has one of the most competitive price rates in the market.
You'll be paying as low as $36/month for the full stack of ad-server technology (3M plan).
Rates reduce even further to 0.0039 CPM on the highest discounted plan (1B plan).

Community Edition

  • 1M requests included
  • Image, HTML5/JS banners
  • Rich media banners
  • Video Ads
  • URL Feeds
  • Targeting, frequency capping


from $36 / month
  • 3M requests included
  • All free options
  • Priority support
  • Users' private offices
  • Advanced targeting
  • Advanced white labeling
  • Stats export
  • Plan calculator
Free 14 days trial upon request


from $3900 / month
  • 1000M requests included
  • All Premium options
  • Dedicted servers
  • Personal manager
  • Custom development

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  • Paxum
  • Bitcoin
  • Paypal

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