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Adserver.Online is much more than a usual ad server.
Adserver.Online is a comprehensive product for publishers, advertisers, agencies, and ad networks.

For Ad Networks

If you want to build your own ad network, you've come to the right place.

Scale your advertising strategy from one website to a network of successful publishers and help your advertisers reach their target audience.

Adserver.Online helps you start your own ad network of publishers and advertisers in no time. Learn more about building ad network

For Publishers

Adserver.Online is a powerful tool you can use to publish and manage all your ads from one single dashboard.

Fill your pages with dynamic up-to-date interactive ads from different demand partners, including in-house ads.

Adserver.Online makes ad management and ad publishing so easy.

Note Adserver.Online is not an ad network, hence we don't buy traffic.

For Agencies

Adserver.Online provides a platform to manage all your clients’ campaigns from one easy-to-use interface.

Set the right targeting, track campaign performance, and drive traffic efficiently.

Serve your ads on websites, in apps, ad networks, or exchanges with Adserver.Online.

For Affiliate Marketers

Boost your online business with Adserver.Online.

Track and analyze all your traffic no matter where it is coming from - websites, apps, ad networks, or exchanges.

Traffic tracking and optimizing are made simple and cheaper with Adserver.Online.

Key Features

Adserver.Online is a cloud ad serving and ad management solution.
We provide a flexible service across a wide range of channels, formats, and platforms.

SSP – supply side platform

We support an SSP programmatic technology so you can use our platform to sell your inventory on a bigger scale. Make your inventory available to more buyers and increase your fill rate.

DSP – demand-side platform

DSP is a technology that allows individual advertisers or ad companies buy ads programmatically. Manage your ads from multiple sources in style using our platform!

OpenRTB and XML/JSON feeds

Integrate with other ad agencies and networks via OpenRTB protocol or use XML feeds to increase your traffic supply and demand. Learn more about programmatic ads

Header Bidding

Header Bidding (Prebid) is a technique that involves running SSP & Ad Exchange code directly on page so publishers can receive bids on their inventory that may be unavailable through their primary ad server and exchange. Learn more about header bidding

White labeling

Do you want your brand to look more authentic? Our White label solution is here for you! Use your own logo, custom domains and even custom CSS. Learn more about white-label options


REST API allows to gather stats in JSON and XML formats as well as manage campaigns and ads. JS API allows to load ads dynamically. Learn more about API

GDPR compliant

We support the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) technical standards and consent management platforms (CMP) compatible with them. Learn more about GDPR

Push and In-Page notifications

Who wouldn't love to see visitors coming back? And you surely can capitalise on that using notifications ad format. Learn more about notifications

Video Ads

We salute your decision to work with video ads. Adserver.Online supports IAB's VAST Video linear/non-linear Tags as well as VPAID. Built-in video ads are also available. Learn more about video ads

Smart links

Use smart links as an easy and efficient way to sell or send traffic.

HTML5 ZIP and 3rd-party

Adserver.Online works with the most popular and efficient HTML5 banners. 3rd-party codes can be easily used for advertising as well. Demo

Banners and Rich media

Adserver.Online supports a variety of popular advertising formats including variety of Banners, Interstitial, Fixed sidebar, Branding background, Footer marqueue, Push Down. Demo

Native Ads

Embed ads in your websites' content the most natural way with Native ads and increase your conversions. Demo

User panels

Have an account with Adserver.Online? Why not having sub-accounts for your publishers and advertisers with all the data on ad campaigns there?

Fraud prevention

Filter out bots and fraud to increase performance. We support built-in filters as well as integrations with AdScore, Anura, Turnstile, and Recaptcha. Learn more about anti-fraud.

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Pricing Plans

Adserver.Online has one of the most competitive prices on the market.
You'll be paying as low as $20/month for the full stack adserver technology (Starter plan/1M ad requests included).


from $20 / month
depends on traffic
  • 1M ad requests included
  • Banners and Rich media
  • Video / VAST / VPAID
  • Direct (smart) links and Popups
  • Basic White-label
  • Users' panels
  • Check out all options


from $50 / month
depends on traffic
  • 3M ad requests included
  • All Starter options
  • Advanced White-label
  • Anti-fraud options
  • Push notifications
  • OpenRTB / XML feeds
  • Compare plans
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Pro Buyer

from $500 / month
depends on traffic


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