Running an ad network, it's important to keep minimum rates (bids) under control because it has a direct impact on your revenue. Adserver.Online platform offers the option you can use to manage that.

How to configure

You can find the configuration option on the Settings / Minimum rates menu. Here you can set up multiple limits: a default limit and limits per country.

These settings affect the entire system (including the owner's panel and an ad serving engine) in real-time.

If you, as an owner, need to create a campaign with a rate less than the minimum limit, you need to tick the checkbox "Bypass minimum rate checks" located below the rate field. This checkbox is available to owners only.

Example 1

Only the default minimum CPM rate is set (at 0.05, for example). Meaning no advertiser is able to create a campaign with a CPM rate less than 0.05.

Let's say an advertiser creates a campaign with a CPM rate of 0.06. But after this campaign starts running the owner decides to change the Minimum CPM to 0.09. In this case, the campaign will be stopped immediately because its rate doesn't meet the minimum rate requirements anymore.

Example 2

The owner sets the following limits: Default Minimum CPM 0.01, Germany Minimum CPM 0.05, Italy Minimum CPM 0.04.

Creating campaigns WITHOUT any geo-targeting advertisers can set their minimum CPM rates at 0.01. But campaigns with 0.01 CPM won't run in Germany and Italy because 0.01 is less than the Minimum CPM set for these countries. For the same reasons, campaigns with CPM rates of 0.04 won't run in Germany. But campaigns with CPM rates of 0.05 and higher won't have any geo-related restrictions.

Creating campaigns WITH geo-targeting advertisers will have to follow the highest Minimum CPM set for any of the countries on the list:

  1. A campaign targeting Germany and Portugal will need a 0.05 CPM or higher. Because the Minimum CPM for Germany is 0.05 and the default minimum of 0.01 is used for Portugal.
  2. A campaign targeting Poland, Slovenia, and Russia will need a 0.01 CPM or higher. Because the default Minimum CPM of 0.01 will be used for all these countries.
  3. A campaign targeting Germany, Italy, and Canada will need a 0.05 CPM or higher. Because the Minimum CPM for Germany is 0.05, 0.04 for Italy, and 0.01 for Canada.