Adserver.Online allows its users to split their ad campaigns into separate levels (tiers). In this article, we will explain how to use this feature and how to increase fill rate using tiers with its help.

You may have lots of campaigns of different ad formats, sizes and targeting options. But this doesn't necessarily mean you have an ad to show for every visitor. This can lead to white areas on your websites and, therefore, missed chances to monetise your traffic.

The main reasons for low fill rate are:

  • Targeting: you may have lots of geo/OS/device-specific ad campaigns. That might be bringing you profit but all the traffic that doesn't fit your targeting options will have no campaigns for display
  • Dayparting: some ad campaigns may need to run on a certain day at a certain time. Nevertheless, you may want to have all your traffic to be monetised
  • Frequency capping: in case you have a frequency capping in action for the rest of your campaigns it may come to a point when your ad server runs out of ads to display for a certain visitor
  • Ad sizes and ad formats: it is always a good idea to try different ad sizes and new ad formats. But are you sure they all have enough ads for display?

How to increase fill rate using tiers

Adserver.Online allows using different tiers (levels) of campaigns that determine what ads to serve. More specifically, using the lowest-ranked tier in our system – Default Campaign – can help you avoid white spaces on your websites and increase your profit.

Take a look at this example:

How to increase your fill rate using tiers - Adserver.Online.

In case none of the campaigns from the Normal tier are eligible for display due to limits, targeting, or capping, the Default tier comes into action. You may also set different campaigns for your Default tier to diversify your monetisation methods.

Ideas for default campaigns

Here are a few hints on what kind of campaigns you may want to use as a default one:

  • Any third-party network ads (AdSense, for example)
  • An Advertise Here banner
  • Any offer with no specific targeting
  • Charity or non-profit organisations ads