The Publishers' referral program is now available to all paid plan Adserver.Online users. You can reward your existing publishers that refer other publishers to your network/agency with a commission based on the % of what their referrals make.

How to activate a referral program

The referral program is disabled by default. In order to use it, you need to go to the Settings menu (Settings / Common / Publisher options) and tick a checkbox as shown on the pic. publishers' referral program

After activation, the Referrals menu will be available on the publisher's panel. Publishers can obtain their referral links from this menu. You are free to set any commission % you deem appropriate.

At the same time, on the main (owner) panel, Finance / Referrals section will be activated.


Referral commission calculation happens after you create and complete a new withdrawal.

If a publisher refers another publisher to your account, the system will calculate a reward for the former based on a withdrawal amount (reward = withdrawal amount * reward percentage).

The system will create a reward transaction and increase the balance of a referrer. The withdrawal procedure remains the same, therefore a referrer needs to follow the exact same steps as with normal withdrawal. You can define the withdrawal limit in Settings.

You can initiate a withdrawal without paying a reward to a referrer. To do that you have to uncheck this option on the withdrawal form. publishers' referral program

Cookie policy

Once a user follows the referral link for the first time, the system saves referral code into cookies for 60 days. Thus, if a visitor doesn't register immediately and leaves the website, this visitor can register later (within the following 60 days) and the system will still recognize him as a referred user.

If the same user visits the website multiple times using different referral links, the first one will be saved and used during his registration.